Queen explained it is the guards slipped and fell, but looking very good, finally a good deal with the emperor, and hastily ended the Zaoxin Chrysanthemum feast, the Queen went back almost to his own palace stuff smashed all times, to see that wine not wake up Prince, can not wait to wake up to fight him, but they could not bear, it is turn iron into steel –




  ”Intends six Huangxiong natural is good.”The king looked at the king was somewhat sullen look, first affirmed the road, to appease the mood of the king, watched it become better in their own words and his face before continuing to the opening:” But six Huangxiong still remember, before the assassination of the country because of Dian Fu Huang, Fu Huang for each dependent countries already begun to prepare for it, more taboo States and DPRK officials saw any dealings.”