Grapefruit can cure certain diseases

Grapefruit can cure certain diseases

As a fruit to try in grapefruit, do you know the medicinal value of grapefruit?

Yuzu can treat stomach pain, cold abdominal pain, hypertension and other diseases.

  Grapefruit belongs to the family Rutaaceae.

One Wen Dan.

It is widely cultivated in Guangdong, Guangxi and other provinces in southern China.

The fruit has large skin and thick flesh, and the meat can be eaten raw.

The immature peel has the name of orange tangerine, or orange peel and pit.

  Grapefruit flavor: sour, cold, non-toxic.

  Grapefruit peel contains volatile oil.

  Under the pharmacological effects of grapefruit, the qi is quickened and the phlegm is reduced.

It is an aromatic stomach, digestion and phlegm remedy.

Applicable to stomach problems, indigestion, chronic cough, phlegm and asthma.

  Elderly cough and asthma: 1 peeled grapefruit, peeled off the inner white pulp, chopped, put it in a covered bowl, add an appropriate amount of sugar (or honey), steam it until it is ripe, and use one spoon each morning and evening.Take some hot rice wine orally.

  Cold abdominal pain, stomach pain: One sleeve (left on the tree, wrapped in paper, removed after frost), chopped, one child hen (visceral removed) put in the pot, add rice wine, brown sugar, steamed until cooked, Finished 1-2 days.

  Yellowing, hair fall (including alopecia areata): 15 grams of sleeve nucleus, soaked in boiling water, apply the affected area 2-3 times a day.

  Nervous: 500?
1000 grams of red heart Wendan, add 120 grams of lily, 120 grams of sugar, add water to fry 2?
After 3 hours, the slag was removed, and the treatment was completed in 3 days, and the service was continued for 9 days. 8 cases were cured, and 4 cases were cured.

(Zhoushan, Zhejiang).

  Elephantiasis of filariasis: 1 dandan, 2500 ml of water, smoked and washed with soup.