12 ways to live to the limit of human life

12 ways to live to the limit of human life

Have you thought about how to make yourself live longer?

MH has solved this puzzle, and I can proudly tell you that if you can change your lifestyle as we say, then we dare to assure you that you can live longer than you think.…….

hzh{display:none;}  科学家早就说过,人类的寿命极限是160岁。Our argument is that there are 12 ways to make you live an extra 109 years.

  ”Most of us can’t live to the age of a genetic ‘designated’ age,” said Dr. Rosen from London, a world-class authority on longevity.

“Research in recent decades has shown that for most people, behavior and lifestyle affect your life much more than your genes.

“Several recent detailed scientific studies on longevity have shown that we can help you stay away from death.

Of course, we can’t make you expect to live forever, but at least we can make you live more scientific and healthier, so that your age is doubled than you originally thought.

  However, to be clear, what we mean by doubling the age is not really multiplying your age by two.

What we mean is that you can live much longer than you think.

In fact, as long as you are willing to think of many ways and do as we say, you will live a long life.

For example, doing more difficult oral calculations usually can make you live 2 more.

5 years old.

These are proved by scientific experiments.

  Going to the sun to the beach can increase you by 3.

Many people who are often out of the sun at the age of 3 may have many dangers.

A study of affective disorders at Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry has shown that the resulting light can cause depression or other related problems, cause drinking, suicide, and more.

Going to the beach for a week in the sun will get you out of this dark mood.

Studies have shown that 30 minutes of seaside daylight for 5 consecutive days can cure more than half of patients with depression.

  Drinking milk can increase you: 7.

2-year-old milk, needless to say, is a very sensitive topic now.

People have just started picking up their cups again and thinking about whether they can drink milk.

What MH wants to say is, do n’t waste food.

In fact, milk is very good if there is no such thing as melamine.

It is a natural and most nutritious anti-aging and nourishing food.

There have been many clinical experiments to prove that milk has a lot of effects, reducing energy supply, rejuvenating the skin, reducing pain, improving allergies, accelerating physical recovery, and boosting mood.

  Singing praises can increase you: Open your eyes at the age of 2 and say aloud to those around you, “You are beautiful.

“If you sleep alone, open your eyes and think about the clouds, grass and a group of friends waiting for you when you open your eyes.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have found that they always repeat a grateful heart to all people and things in their hearts, and those who praise others all the time can make every day happy and full, and live a healthier life.
  Laughter can increase you: 10-year-old humor can make you healthier, longer, and happier, as shown by a study published by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2006.

They also confirmed that people with a sense of humor may be cured or improved 30% more than others when they suffer from a major illness.

Laughing can make people produce more protective hormones, regulate blood pressure, change stress, and strengthen the immune system.

Realize that laughter can bring you so many benefits, and making yourself laughter can increase your life expectancy by 8 years.

So, from now on, watch more comedy movies, listen to crosstalk, and tell jokes to others.

  Regular blood pressure measurements at home can increase you: 25.

At the age of two, don’t wait until your body really has a problem before you remember to take your blood pressure.

Nowadays, people usually buy a sphygmomanometer to measure their blood pressure at home, instead of going to the hospital for doctors to measure as before.

Just buy the most common type of wrist manometer and measure it monthly.A person with relatively high blood pressure (115/75) usually lives 25 years longer than a person with relatively high blood pressure (140/90).

Depending on your actual age, if your blood pressure is too high, you must find a way to lower it.

The usual method is: exercise regularly, reduce the intake of adults, salt, alcohol, and don’t play too thrilling games, sometimes roller coasters.

  Buying a dog to accompany you can increase you: 11.

At the age of 4 having a cat or dog with you can reduce your risk of high blood pressure and stroke, and also make people who are seriously ill recover as quickly as possible.

Do you still doubt this?

Let us tell you-according to a study by Dr. Wells of Queen’s University of Belfast, dogs tend to lower blood pressure and blood pressure levels. Dog owners have more dogs than those without dogs.People are so lucky.

And, having a dog outweighs having a cat, because dogs can “force” you to go out for a walk every morning and evening, says Becker, MD, author of The Pet’s Therapeutics.

  Flossing can increase you: 6.

4 years

hzh{display:none;}  当你用牙线的时候,你不光把昨晚剩在牙缝间的鱼肉渣剔了出来,而且可以让你的牙齿不再生垢。A study by the Wisconsin Cosmetic Dentistry Research Center showed that nearly 80% of adults have periodontal disease, and the remaining 20% have very serious teeth, and these are the ones among usMost don’t know.

Of course, things are not particularly bad. Generally speaking, we just need to see a dentist.

  However, according to a study by Chris, MD, men with a history of dental disease are 63% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than the average person.

Therefore, he recommends seeing a physician two to four times a year.

Yes, seeing a dentist is very expensive, but it’s better than cancer, and preventing you from getting better can make you live a bit.

  Joining a football team allows you to increase your age by 11 years. Joining a football team can relieve stress, transform your physiology, and prevent premature aging.

This small community-like organization is a great way to make your stress relief effective.

A study of 1,400 elderly men and women in the United States showed that these elderly people with close partners can live longer than ordinary people.

A relatively fixed social circle can make you younger3.

5 years old.
Of course, regular exercise can also bring you many benefits, such as maintaining muscle strength, flexible joints, enhanced heart function, and increased vital capacity.

So why not spend more time joining a small football team, not only have the opportunity to communicate with friends, but also make your body stronger?

  Living in another country can increase you: 6.

4 years old If you think that the domestic ecological environment is not suitable for living, then change to live in another country, similar to Europe.

Of course, on the whole, the environment in Europe is also not very ideal. Research conducted by the European Commission has shown that air pollution is almost equivalent to the death of a traffic accident.

It is generally believed that the environment in the UK will be better, but in fact, more than 32,000 people die from air pollution in the UK each year, and as a result, the average life expectancy is reduced by one year.

The air in Ireland will be much better, ranking second in Europe and first in Finland.

However, if you really want to live a little bit, go to Andorra in Europe.

It is a country where there is virtually no pollution, and the average life expectancy there is 83 years.

  Finding a partner for yourself can increase you by 9.

Divorcing at the age of five and leaving your other half of the house empty is really not a good idea.

Your life will be more lonely.

A 2004 study by Rockefeller University in New York showed that divorce accelerates the aging of white blood cells.

At the same time, longevity really needs to be maintained by two people.

“Long-term loving relationships can make you younger 6.

5 years old, “Dr. Rosen said.

A fixed sexual relationship allows you to enter a balanced and stable state of life.

Admittedly, the kind of regular sexual relationship and long-term loyalty does not necessarily happen to you, but if you do n’t even try it, how do you know you do n’t have such good luck?

  Getting your brain moving at high speed can increase you: 4.
An important rule for keeping your mind clear at the age of six is to use it forever.
Studies show that effective protection and strengthening of your nervous system can delay your aging and dementia.

People whose brains are always active and busy are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who are dazed against a wall all day.

Playing games, reading books, surfing the internet, or studying often can make your brain run at a high speed.

  Examination of the prostate can increase you: prevention is better than treatment at 12 years of age, and early treatment is better than treatment at the time. These are the words we know very well long ago.

But even so, there are still many people who ignore the onset of possible diseases, and until these complications become reality, it is difficult to cure, which is easier for genetic diseases such as prostate disease.

“They actually had a long history of reproductive diseases such as prostate disease. In fact, this disease is the same as diabetes and ED. If it can be detected and treated early, it should not be difficult to cure.Millions have prostate disease, “said Dr. Banks, author of the Men’s Handbook.

“People who actively seek that precise medical care and care for chronic conditions can often live 12 years longer than people who do not take any precautions,” Dr. Luson said.

Hurry up, check early and treat early, so that prostate disease can be kept away.

  Still want to live longer?

  Isn’t 109 years old enough?

Then try the following method, maybe it can make you immortal.

  Freezing yourself If you are frozen because you have some incurable disease, then you can be resurrected after the cure for this disease has been developed by humans.

The largest world agency currently doing this research is the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. There are already 74 frozen cases there, and they only need to deliver $ 150,000 each.

  Build a sperm bank.

hzh{display:none;}  还有一个可以让你生命延续的方法,那就是经常性地捐精子。The sperm bank will store your sperm in a small bottle or straw frozen in a liquid nitrogen tank.

This kind of sperm does not have a shelf life problem, and to date, there have been cases where the life produced from the sperm bank has survived healthy for 20 years.

  According to the book, there is another way to make you immortal is to write a book. Your name will always remain in the annals of history. According to statistics, the British library alone has 25 million books.

As a legal library, the British Library collection copies all books published in the UK.

Even if you write a book that makes you famous, it’s up to you.

  Reserve collagen. You can now take some epidermal collagen from the body and put them in a scientist’s petri dish.

Take it out when you feel older, and let the doctor infuse you.

When you are old, the lack of collagen can not only lead to “collagenous diseases”, but further weaken the metabolic function, and the plasticity of the cells will also decline, resulting in atrophy of various organs, decreased elasticity, dry skin and mucosa, and wrinklingSuch as dehydration, boots accelerate aging.

At that time, you definitely need collagen more than you do now.