The location of the bus can reveal your personality

The location of the bus can reveal your personality

According to the British “Daily Telegraph”, Dr. Tom Fasset, a psychologist at the University of Salford in the UK, said that from where you like to sit on a double-decker bus, you can trim your character.

According to his analysis, avant-garde people generally like to sit in the upper front row of buses, people with independent opinions prefer to choose seats in the upper middle, and those who have rebellious psychology prefer to sit behind the upper.

  The incident occurred after Fasset observed a passenger traveling for up to an hour on a transit bus between Bolton and Manchester.

His research makes it clear that some companies spend a lot of money on psychological tests to ensure that the right employees are recruited, but it’s actually a waste of money.

Because if they want to pick the right person, once they hop on the bus and watch people’s preferences for seat selection.

  Fasset, a lecturer on tenacious willpower, has been helping train Olympic athletes.

He said that depending on the seat chosen, it might be possible to determine their behavioral patterns.

“For those who are used to choosing certain seats after getting on the bus, they will be surprised when they find that the seat they choose can show their personality traits.

He concluded that bus passengers can be divided into 7 different groups based on the height of their seat selection.

He found that those who like to sit in the upper front row are generally avant-garde, while those who replace the upper back row are rebellious and do not like their personal space being violated.

People who like to sit in the middle have independent insights. They are usually young people or middle-aged passengers who immerse themselves in reading newspapers and listening to music.

  Those who like to sit in the lower front row are generally good at socializing, and those who like to sit in the middle are good at communicating.

Those passengers who actively choose the lower back seat are risk bearers. They like to sit in more serious seats, which will make them feel important.

He believes that those who do not care about their seats during travel, feel that any seat can be, should be a “chameleon” class.

Fasset did not say that avant-garde people would choose a seat on a single-decker bus. Perhaps these people would only take a double-decker bus.

  Fasset said this was an “observation” study.

“We focus on people’s body language and whether they communicate with other passengers, whether they are good at communicating or introverted or not good at communicating.

“BMW is not only a means to get from one place to another, it has also been regarded as a tool for observing society.