Fever manual membrane forehead?

This is the best place to take your temperature

Fever manual membrane forehead?

This is the best place to take your temperature

Fever started, and people used to touch their foreheads to measure body temperature to monitor changes in body temperature.

As everyone knows, this is not the right approach.

In fact, the forehead is not the best place to sense body temperature by hand.

  Hand temperature measurement?

Touch this part to be accurate Generally speaking, a person’s normal body temperature can be divided into three ranges, that is, the temperature of the underarm, the temperature of the oral cavity, and the temperature of the anus.

The normal temperature under the arm is usually 36-37 ° C, and the normal oral temperature is 36.


2 ° C, anal temperature was 36.


5 ℃, and the body temperature in daily life refers to the temperature under the arm.

  There is no doubt that humans are thermostatic animals.

Although a person’s body temperature is constant, the body temperature will be slightly distorted within 24 hours.

When an abnormal contraction of a person’s body temperature occurs, the person’s body changes. A common change is an increase in body temperature, that is, fever, 37.

5-38 ° C is low heat, 38-39 ° C is moderate heat, 39-40 ° C is high heat, and above 40 ° C is super high heat. When encountering fever, people will be very accustomed to touch the forehead with their hands to test the temperature.

  But in fact, the abdomen is the best place to sense body temperature by hand, because the abdomen is closer to the internal organs, and the temperature change in the body can be reflected in the abdomen faster.

Moreover, Chinese medicine believes that the abdomen is the “miyagi of the five internal organs and the six internal organs,” and you can accurately understand the change in body temperature by touching it with your hand.

  Abnormal body temperature and fever will always consume a lot of body energy.

So what are the factors that affect body temperature?

  4 Major Factors Affecting Body Temperature 1 Age Due to the immature development of the central nervous system of the newborn and the incomplete development of the skin sweat glands, the body temperature regulation function is poor and easy to change. Therefore, the newborn’s body temperature is susceptible to changes due to external temperature.

And because children have high metabolic rates, their body temperature can be slightly higher than adults.

The elderly will have a lower body temperature due to their lower metabolic rate.

  2Sexual women’s body temperature will be slightly higher than men’s, and women’s body temperature will increase slightly during the premenstrual period and early pregnancy, while ovulation, the body temperature gradually decreases, this variation is often related to the progesterone secretion cycle of women.

  3 days and nights generally 2-6 am, human body temperature is the lowest, 4-8 pm, human body temperature is the highest, its range of movement is about 0.

Between 5-1 ° C.

This regular fluctuation of day and night is due to the corresponding changes in people’s long-term lifestyles such as activities, metabolism, and blood circulation.

  4. Emotions and sports When people are emotionally excited, they will cause sympathetic nerve excitement, and skeletal muscle contraction during first-level exercise can all make the body temperature slightly higher.

In addition, changes in outside air temperature, eating, etc. can cause fluctuations in body temperature.

  Body temperature is not constant. Always be alert to abnormally high body temperatures, fever, and fever. Be sure to recognize and seek medical attention in a timely manner.