[Nutrition meal recipe arrangement after cesarean section]_Food therapy_Diet conditioning

[Nutrition meal recipe arrangement after cesarean section]_Food therapy_Diet conditioning

Caesarean section is more harmful than regular delivery, and the amount of bleeding will be more. Because the caesarean section requires a knife move, part of the body’s vitality will be lost at the moment of the cesarean section. The mother’s body will be weak.Take good control, you can drink some nutritious soup, but you must pay attention to cutting the belly can not eat too oily food, when cooking soup, you must remove a layer of oil on the surface.

Recommended reason for pig’s foot ginger: pig’s foot ginger, a traditional nutritious food that Guangdong women must eat when confinement.

It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and blood, passing milk, and removing blood stasis.

In Guangdong, if there is a mother in the family, pig feet ginger is usually prepared one month before delivery, and the pig feet, ginger and eggs are soaked in sweet vinegar for one month before eating. This will have a more significant effect.

Ingredients: 1000g of pork feet, 500g of ginger, 3000g of sweet vinegar, the right amount of brown sugar, the right amount of eggs

The pig’s feet are washed, cut into pieces, rinsed with water, removed, and rinsed with water.


Heat the pan, add the pig’s feet, and fry the pig’s feet in a dry pan until the pig’s feet are very dry.

Peel ginger and cut into pieces.

Let go for 5 minutes.


Take it out and put it in the pot and simmer until two have a scorched feeling.


The eggs are cooked and shelled for later use.


Pour the sweet vinegar into the casserole, add the stir-fried ginger cubes when the heat is boiling.


Add pig’s feet, eggs, brown sugar, boil on high heat and turn to medium-low heat for 1 hour, turn off.


You can eat it the next day. The pig’s feet soaked in sweet vinegar for a night are very soft.

Recommended reason for papaya stewed catfish: This soup is very suitable for eating in confinement. The nutrition of catfish is not much. As long as it is a maternal, everyone eats it and milks it.

Ingredients: 500g catfish, 1 papaya, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, salt, moderate amount of black pepper, 1 piece of ginger.

Peel and slice the papaya and slice the ginger.


The fish is cleaned, and one cut is made under the gill and the other end of the fish to draw the fishy line.


Brush a layer of oil in the pan and heat it up.


Add cooking wine and fry until golden on both sides.


Put the fried fish into the casserole, place the ginger slices, pour in an appropriate amount of boiling water, and cook for 15 minutes on high heat.


Add the papaya cubes and cook for 15 minutes. Season with salt and sprinkle with black pepper.

Winter melon lotus leaf pot recommended reason: This soup is very suitable for confinement, just after the baby is born, the maternal edema has not subsided, and winter melon is diuretic, is a good swelling, and stewed with duckNourishing but not tired, nutrition is quite good.

Ingredients: 400g duck, 200g winter melon, 15g lotus leaf, 5g tangerine peel, 2g salt, 25ml Huadiao wine.

Wash the duck and cut into 2 pieces.

Winter melon sliced 3.

Wash the lotus leaves and cut 4 pieces.
Heat the wok and fry the duck in the wok until it turns white.

Pour into Huadiao wine, cook, pour out, and pour into casserole 6.
Add winter melon, lotus leaf, rind, add duck without water, cover, and simmer for 1 hour.

It can be seen that the recommendations of these types of confinement meals are indeed nutritionally balanced, which is conducive to the recovery of physical fitness during the confinement period. It is a very good nourishing food, and can also strengthen the spleen and stomach, ventilate blood, and promote milk secretion.Swelling.

Therefore, as the mother’s family, we have the responsibility to make these confinement meals into food for the mothers to take.